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AL TECH Agenda โ€“ December 12, 2014

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30

  • ITC recruitment
  • Faculty/Staff computer refresh status
  • System downtime Jan 10-11
  • SCCM - Self-service software
  • Lab updates - Winter and Summer planning
  • Print Management for faculty/staff
  • Computer lab scheduling/policy

ITC recruitment

New IT shop staff member Jonathan Ahrens starts Monday January 5!

Faculty/Staff computer refresh status

Vice Provost James Prince is expected to be contacting Colleges soon with details about funding for faculty/staff computer updates.

System downtime Jan 10-11

IRT is planning data center maintenance for Sat/Sun January 10-11. Most campus systems will be offline intermittently during maintenance, including:

  • Email
  • CSUS Web site
  • MySacState (The Portal)
  • Student, Faculty and Employee Centers
  • SacCT, (learning management systems)
  • SacVault (Data Warehouse)
  • Network Services (Campus, Wireless and Internet)
  • NetApp file services (N:, P: & U: drives)
  • VMware infrastructure and virtual servers

SCCM - Self-service software

SCCM is a Microsoft tool that is being implemented for use by campus IT groups. It provides system imaging and software installation tools. It will also provide a self-service software installation portal similar to our current Munki system on Macs. See this image for an example:

Lab updates - Winter and Summer planning

Minor lab updates will be performed over Winter break, including software patching/service packs. SkecthUp 2015 will be installed in MRP 1009.

For Summer, the following labs are candidates for hardware upgrade/replacement:

  • FORL Practice Lab (MRP 2002) - postponed from 2014
  • ENGL (CLV 131) - postponed from 2014
  • ENGL Writing Center (CLV 128)
  • COMS (MND 3002)
  • ART (MRP 1007)
  • PHOT (MRP 1005)

It is unlikely that the College will be able to fund all these labs, so prioritization will be necessary.

The campus Xerox implementation has been significantly scaled back, and now only includes IRT, ABA, and HR. However, A&L still does not have comprehensive, accurate data on faculty and staff printing and copying. The IT shop is exploring the possibility of more closely tracking department printers via the use of an A&L print server for faculty/staff, similar to the current system in use in A&L labs. This system would provide us valuable data in case the campus-wide printing contract issue is brought up again.

Computer lab scheduling/policy

Discuss lab usage and scheduling, in the context of university-wide lab usage plans.