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AL TECH Agenda – September 11, 2015

MRP 5000 - 10:00 to 11:30 CANCELLED

  • Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh
  • AITC representation
  • Departmental Copiers/Xerox
  • Summer 2015 Updates

Faculty/Staff (2015) computer refresh

Faculty/Staff equipment arrived two weeks prior to semester start. The IT shop prioritized equipment distribution to new-hire faculty. We are now coordinating/scheduling deployments of the remaining systems. Feedback:

  • (+)We were given complete freedom to order what we needed
  • (+)Communication to/from IRT was clear and concise
  • (-)Systems arrived far too late to distribute prior to semester start
  • (-)Still waiting on two machines
  • (-)Some of our Mac systems were delivered to us with incorrect specs, IRT is correcting this
  • (-)Large funding burden still on the College (Provost $35k, College $22k)
  • (-)No plan for part-time, lecturer, “other” stations.

AITC representation

We are lucky to now have four Arts and Letters members on the Academic Information Technology Committee, which is a Faculty Senate subcommittee. They are:

  • Rachel Clarke - A&L rep
  • Jeff Dym - Executive Committee rep
  • Carolyn Gibbs - Center for Teaching and Learning rep
  • Weston Tanton - College IT rep

The AITC home page is at

Departmental Copiers/Xerox

Due to pricing and policy changes coming from IRT, department copy machines were not replaced over Summer as planned. The College is still working with IRT and other vendors to identify the most efficient and effective course of action. Now that the semester has begun, any replacements will need to be near-seamless so as to not disrupt instruction.

Summer 2015 Updates

The following labs had new computers installed:

  • MND 3002 - COMS Journalism Lab
  • MRP 1007 - Digital Art Studio

The following labs had parts updated/replaced:

  • MND 3006 - COMS Video Lab - RAM upgrade
  • CLV 131 - ENGL Computer Lab - SSD hard drives and RAM upgrade

The following AL LAB support systems were replaced/updated:

  • Lab file server - storage for student/class data
  • Lab application server - wordpress, remote file access