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AL Student Lab Documentation


Remote Access

There are two methods available to connect remotely to the AL Lab class folders. Both methods require that you have already signed up for an AL Lab account this semester.

Method 1: Direct Access via SacVPN

Step 1: Download and connect to SacVPN
  • See IRT documentation on downloading and configuring the Pulse Secure Client at the URL below
  • You do NOT need to submit the access request form, your SacLink account was provisioned access when you created your AL Lab account.
Step 2 (MAC users only): Connect to AL Lab Server
  • Select “Connect to Server…” from the Finder's Go menu
  • In the server address type afp://
  • You may want to save this address by pressing the (+) button
  • Click the Connect button
  • Type in your lab username and password and Click OK
  • Select the Volume you want to mount. Groups has the class folders, the other should be the home folders.
Step 2 (Windows users only): Map Network Drive to AL Lab Server
  • Open the Computer window from the Start Button.
  • Click “Map Network Drive” from the Computer window.
  • Pick a drive letter to use (Z: is good)
  • Type in \\\Groups in the folder field.
  • Check the “Connect using different credentials” box.
  • Click the Finish button.
  • When asked type in the lab username and password into the Windows Security window. You must put ”.\” before your username. ( IE: ”.\sacuser” )

Method 2: Web-Based Access via AL WebFile (**BETA**)

Direct your browser to AL-Lab Web File and log in with your AL Lab username and password.