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Lab Signup Information

To use the computers in an Arts & Letters Student Computer Lab for a class, you must first signup for an account on one of the stations in the lab. Follow these steps to get your account created. You will need a valid Saclink username/password and the JOIN code from your instructor.

If you are not in the labs you can access the signup routine on the web at

If you are in the lab you can use the signup account to access this webpage. Type signup in both the username and password fields.

At the signup webpage please follow the directions on the page.

  1. Type in your saclink username and password to authenticate yourself.
    (Figure 1)
  2. Create a password for using the lab stations.
    (Figure 2)
  3. Type in Join codes for your classes and press the Join button.
    (Figure 3)
    Once you have joined press the DONE button.
  4. The screen should report the classes you joined, what your quota is. If everything looks good click the logout button.

If you forget your password, go to the signup webpage again and login to reset it.