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Student Computing Lab Hours

The labs are closed on official campus holidays.

LabsOpen Hours (when classes are not in session)
Open lab hours are held in
Mariposa Hall labs
MRP 1003, 1005, 1007, 1009
Monday 7:30am to 10:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am to 10:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am to 10:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 10:00pm
Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm to 8:00pm

GPHD-25-01MRP1003 R 600PM-750PMVisual Basics
GPHD-30-01MRP1003 W 1200PM-150PMVisualization
GPHD-30-03MRP1003 W 200PM-350PMVisualization
GPHD-30-05MRP1003 W 400PM-550PMVisualization
GPHD-30-07MRP1003 R 1200PM-150PMVisualization
GPHD-130-01MRP1003 M 1200PM-230PMType II-Publ+Collatrl Dsn
GPHD-130-02MRP1003 T 1200PM-230PMType II-Publ+Collatrl Dsn
GPHD-135-01MRP1003 MW 0900AM-1130AMUser Interface Design
GPHD-135-02MRP1003 TR 0900AM-1130AMUser Interface Design
GPHD-25-03MRP1003 T 600PM-750PMVisual Basics
PHOT-11-02MRP1005 M 300PM-440PMDigital Imaging
PHOT-11-03MRP1005 W 300PM-440PMDigital Imaging
PHOT-11-04MRP1005 F 1200PM-140PMDigital Imaging
PHOT-11-05MRP1005 F 200PM-340PMDigital Imaging
PHOT-148-01MRP1005 W 0900AM-1130AMArtificial Light, Studio
PHOT-155-01MRP1005 R 0900AM-1130AMAdvanced Photography Technique
PHOT-175-01MRP1005 R 1200PM-230PMStudio Topics in Photography
PHOT-180-01MRP1005 M 1200PM-230PMSenior Portfolio
PHOT-180-02MRP1005 W 1200PM-230PMSenior Portfolio
ART-97-01MRP1007 MW 0800AM-1050AMBeginning Electronic Art
ART-97-02MRP1007 MW 100PM-350PMBeginning Electronic Art
ART-143-01MRP1007 TR 1100AM-150PM3D Computer Animation
ART-147-01MRP1007 MW 530PM-820PMVideo Art
ART-197-01MRP1007 TR 300PM-550PMIntermed Electronic Art
ART-297-01MRP1007 TR 300PM-550PMNew Media 1
INTD-30-01MRP1009 TR 300PM-530PMIntroduction To CAD
INTD-151-01MRP1009 MW 1200PM-230PMInterior Desgn Graphics I
INTD-161-01MRP1009 MW 0900AM-1130AMInterior Dsgn Graphics II
INTD-171-01MRP1009 MW 300PM-530PMInterior Dsgn Graphcs III
MUSC-3-01CPS301 MWF 0900AM-0950AMMIDI Sequencing & Notation
MUSC-180-01CPS301 MW 1100AM-1150AMAdvanced Counterpoint
COMS-111-01MND3002 TR 300PM-545PMDebate Research Practicum
JOUR-30-01MND3002 MW 130PM-245PMNews Writing
JOUR-30-02MND3002 TR 130PM-245PMNews Writing
JOUR-30-03MND3002 M 600PM-850PMNews Writing
JOUR-125A-01MND3002 W 600PM-850PMWriting For Broadcst:Copy
JOUR-128-01MND3002 T 1200PM-115PMNews Editing
JOUR-130A-01MND3002 M 0900AM-1150AMNews Reporting I
JOUR-132-01MND3002 T 600PM-850PMMagazine Writing
JOUR-135-02MND3003 MW 0900AM-1015AMPublic Affairs Reporting
COMS-124-01MND3006 T 600PM-850PMWriting Scripts for Film/Video
COMS-126-01MND3006 T 300PM-550PMMotion Graphics
COMS-128-01MND3006 M 0900AM-1150AMNon-Studio Video Production
COMS-141-01MND3006 W 0900AM-1150AMTheory Film+Video Editing
COMS-185-01MND3006 TR 0900AM-1015AMSenior Practicum Video Product